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Session recording

Lute medieval / Renaissance & Gittern

  • Average price for a song up to 3-5 minutes: 200€

My turn-around time is usually 3-5 business days and I allow 2 revisions.

I’ve been actively focusing on recording for different kinds of projects these past years, and I’m particularly good in improvising an accompaniment based on chords. Regarding lute recordings, please keep in mind that some scales might work better than others, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the playability of lute sections.

Suitable and playable scales for the lute depend on the song.

  • medieval lute: D minor (possibly major), G minor
  • renaissance lute - D minor, F major, G minor (possibly also C major, G major)
  • gittern - G minor (possibly major)

Sound samples:

Please contact me for more informations